Joel White

Postdoctoral Researcher

Joel is a philosopher based between France and the UK. He is executive editor of Technophany, Journal of Philosophy and Technology (Radboud University Press) and currently an Associate Lecturer in Philosophy at Staffordshire University. His research crosses between Modern European Philosophy and philosophy of media, science, and technology. He is currently looking into how 19th- and 20th century thermodynamics and information theory were received into philosophy and literature and how technoscientific concepts, including “energy,” “entropy,” and “information” have become philosophical concepts. He is also an active cinematographer and film colourist. His films, made in collaboration with artist and director Madison Bycroft, have been nominated and shown at Tate Modern, the Villa Medici Film Festival and the Anne Arbour film festival. He is also a translator of the French avant-garde, having published a book-length translation of surrealist poet Antonin Artaud’s Revolutionary Messages (Methuen Drama) with Bloomsbury Academic.